About Us

This is a tale of two friends and their journey to take over the world one phone case at a time. (oh, and Buffy the cat)

We are Simon & Daniel, the hunky duo behind CASERY®.


We started CASERY in 2020 during the pandemic, starting a business during these uncertain times wasn't easy but we decided that if we can overcome this, we can tackle anything. With Simon's eye for eCommerce and Entrepreneurship & Daniels creative mindset, CASERY was born.


Starting out in an office space fashioned from a spare bedroom, working on CASERY during the evenings after the 9-5 we quickly outgrew our space as the apparent need for high quality, highly personalised mobile phone accessories grew with us.


One of our favourite pastimes is designing and creating new products to offer our customers, and the amount of time we put into this really shows. Every time we get a sale it feels as exciting as the first, and we look forward to making many more memories with you along the way.


P.S: We are definitely NOT being mind controlled by our evil office cat Buffy (pls send help)